Stiletto Piercing Supplies UK

Delivering to registered businesses across the UK and Europe

Born in April 2021 after 17 years in the industry, listening to other piercers and in a world focused on ultra hygiene.


Single use disposable piercing products designed to maximise productivity and support piercing professionals to become disposable. Fully disposable, with ease.


Maximise productivity? YES.... We heard you ask that! Be gone sterilising all those clamps and equipment, maximising both you and your staff time. As more shops move toward appointment only services, free up the extra hours in the day to actually pierce more clients!


We truly believe our needle range to be a game changer, allowing for quick and easy jewellery transfer, particularly with threadless jewellery styles becoming more prevalent in the piercing industry.


Stiletto products are used daily in our piercing studio, so we're happy to offer advice and guidance on how to use all our products.


We are proud to bring Stiletto to the UK where we will support the UK and wider European industry.

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